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DJ Malsidious's Cheat mod
« on: Nov 07, 2018; 02:49 PM »
After a ton of frustration of not being able to get a trainer up and working to get a reasonable boost to my skill, stats, and cash  I created a mod inspired by one of the post's I saw here.

What the mod does:

Wart's secret (2nd quest from starter town)  after completing will award the following:

50 attribute points
10 skill points

It's repeatable.  :D   Don't abuse this too much or it will really make the game a lot less fun.

Just extract the 2 files to the data folder.

delete the 2 files.

Possible conflicts:
Any other mod that changes quests may/may issues.  I don't run any other mods, so I don't know.

The Reanimation team for the nifty prog and I can't find the forum post that clued me in for quest 56.   

This is the VERY first time I've ever attempted a mod for a game,  but I've tested it for several days and can def say it works.

Anyways, thanks for checking it out.

Youtube Link:

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