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Title: Cheat mod
Post by: RedRuM666 on Jun 19, 2018; 04:03 AM
Any chance there excists a mod for invincibility, higher paladium drops and higher rare item drop rates? Have being trying the past few days with reanimator and the tutorials but honest still clueless and not getting anywhere.  Also having probs with the HxD method, yeah I know I'm probably just a idiot.
Title: Re: Cheat mod
Post by: Kikina the templar on Jun 21, 2018; 10:41 AM
By the way, all here described features have Unofficial Revival 3.8 mod.
Invincibility - If you select while installing mod function "Cheat Mode For Beginners", all newly created characters get from Nemo on Holborn beside cube one "God breath" gun. As long as this weapon holds the character in his hands, he is immortal.
This gun have intentionally only average damage, cannot be modded and upgraded, so in the middle of the first difficulty the player has to replace it with another. Smarter players, of course, realize that weapon can still be used as a "rescue rope" - if in battle health occurs, just switching weapon slots can prevent death...
Higher paladium drops - the palladium supply is now approximately one hundred times higher versus "vanilla" version. Especially if you select "FIFA world cup event", which, like in the real world, is mainly about money. (Yield from one "Katamari quest" - 30k, "Soccer ball quest" - 300k)
Higher rare item drop rates - Version 3.8 i once again tested with a new character while passing through all the game. At the end of first difficulty he had complete equip from uniques or mythic items, approx 30 mythic or unique weapons in stash and 15 mythic weapon mods, all items only from monsters drop. Another increase of the droprate is simply nonsensical...
Title: Re: Cheat mod
Post by: RedRuM666 on Jun 21, 2018; 05:24 PM
thanks used the weapon a few time, saw that i didn't take damage, thought it was a bug :D :D :D
Title: Re: Cheat mod
Post by: Kikina the templar on Jun 21, 2018; 06:17 PM

Try sometimes read info on the items...
Title: Re: Cheat mod
Post by: drowninginjello on Oct 30, 2018; 04:39 PM
Hi Kikina,

I've been playing with your mod, and enjoy the options. I enjoy switching characters and am curious if you've considered adding a blade with the same option, for those of us that enjoy swinging dicing/slicing.

Title: Re: Cheat mod
Post by: Kikina the templar on Oct 30, 2018; 07:25 PM
Unfortunatelly, sword giving complete immortality is not in the game. But you can use rune daggers (from cube recipes). Each dagger giving immunity against one elemental damage.
In game are also implants, which giving immunity against elemental effects...