Author Topic: Changing Embankment Redoubt  (Read 2135 times)


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Changing Embankment Redoubt
« on: Mar 19, 2011; 05:00 PM »
Is it possible to change quests, and then the Embankment Redoubt mission in particular. It's the quest where you have to lead 4 templars to safety.

I've spent a total of 1.5h today trying to do this quest and I'm starting to loose my sanity. I try to take things slow and methodical, but as soon as I'm near Beelzebub, a ton of monsters get spawned and my templars are doomed.

I no longer even care about those idiots. At one time there were as much dead templar as dead demons. Now I just want to get rid of this quest. I assume it can be done, but how should I achieve this?

I also have Lost London installed, in case that makes a difference.

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Re: Changing Embankment Redoubt
« Reply #1 on: Mar 19, 2011; 05:47 PM »
you donnot even need to consider about those soldiers... their AI sucks XD...
just use the bomb to kill the boss, and it'll be fine.
and also, there is already a bug to allow you finish the mission by your own hand. if you are a cabalist, you can use blink to teleport yourself to the other side of the wall and do the job yourself.... and take care, the "tons of monsters" can be also a great threaten even to you ;)
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Re: Changing Embankment Redoubt
« Reply #2 on: Mar 19, 2011; 06:28 PM »
Wait, What?  :shock:

I'm playing a cabalist, but so far I've gone pure summoner. So if I had put 1 point in blink, I could have done things myself?

Thanks for that tip. Guess it's time for me to level up and take matters into my own hands.

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Re: Changing Embankment Redoubt
« Reply #3 on: Mar 22, 2011; 04:31 AM »

The quickest way to do this I've found... As soon as you activate the CIS move troops and ignore mobs.  They won't move for the first few seconds even.  Get your screen to the boss asap.  Nuke him.  Heal troops as you can but nuke him as often as possible.  You may have to go through 2 or 3 times.  But as soon as he starts on fire, he's dead.  It never wears off.  As soon as he dies you can click on the new portal thing that pops up where he died and you're done.

Often times one of the troops actually gets stuck in pathing and never takes damage so you can nuke indefinitely.

Never takes me more than maybe 5 minutes tops.

As for modding I'd have no clue.  I just started learning basics.