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Skill tokens
« on: Dec 17, 2016; 02:50 PM »
For the sake of condensing and updating information,let me just leave this thread here.

There was a recent discussion on the mysterious "skill tokens" found within the TC files,frankly because they aren't found in the game itself.

So,I recently stumbled across this little historic gem:

To copy the part that relates to the issue,
"Skill Scrolls are new items which unlock the new skills and allow skill points to be put into them. For example, the Spider Mine Schematic unlocks the Spider Mine skill for Engineers. The Skill Scrolls will be tradable and can be used by all players; however, they drop off of boss monsters in the subscriber-only Abyss levels. Only a few of the skills will be enabled in the first Patch 2 build that goes to Test Center."

So I'm led to believe perhaps those are the items listed as "skill tokens".
Hope that's of use :)
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List of Global class guides.
The above guides may be obsolete for vanilla SP, but they may still hold true to an extent for some mods and 2038.


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Re: Skill tokens
« Reply #1 on: Dec 17, 2016; 04:29 PM »
So I'm led to believe perhaps those are the items listed as "skill tokens".
Hope that's of use :)

That's the case as far as I know. After some digging in reanimator I'm also pretty sure the skills aquired with the tokens are the new ones we saw in global.
I'll put together a list rn and post it asap.
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Re: Skill tokens
« Reply #2 on: Dec 17, 2016; 07:15 PM »

Seal of Sumerisle

Prayer of Smiting - The Guardian calls upon the very power of the heavens to strike down all enemies within the Holy Aura.

Orbital Stabilizer

Shield Toss - A shield is a terrible thing to waste. Throws your shield, bouncing between enemies to do extra damage.

Cross of St. Patrick

Aura Stability
- Righteous focus makes the Guardian a master of auras. Allows the Guardian the receive bonuses from up to three auras at once.


Icon of the Archangel

Templar Restoration - Healing requires equal parts of courage, concentration and compassion. Releases all Surges of Restoration to heal the Blademaster and all allies within the Holy Aura.

Bane of St. George

Crusader Wrath - I will carry out great vengeance on them and punish them in my wrath. Releases all Surges of Wrath to grant a burst of melee strength.

Seal of the Bishop

Balance of Power - A Templar who has received instruction in this ancient art of combat can drain the power of their enemies. Successful Hamper strikes drain Power from the enemy to the Blademaster.



EMP Blast - The Marksman modifies his personal shield projectors to emit a powerful electromagnetic burst, disrupting enemy shields.

Nesmith's Blast Cell

White-out Grenade - A grenade designed to emit a pulse of blinding light, greatly disorienting all nearby enemies.

Ghillie Suit

Camouflage - The ultimate sniper is never seen. The Marksman enters Camouflage, becoming invisible to enemies as long as there are no enemies within ...m and the Marksman does not move or attack. Attacking or using any skill or item deactivates Camouflage after a short duration. Moving deactivates Camouflage immediately.


Sacrifice Device Bomber Skill Token (probably a placeholder and they havent named it finally yet)

Ghostly Strike - The Engineer commands the Bomber Bot to collide with the targeted enemy and detonate, unleashing all of its spectral wrath. This attack has twice the Phase Attack Strength of the Bomber Bot's regular attack.

Spider Mine Schematic

Spider Mine - The Engineer creates an autonomous explosive device that bears a strong resemblance to an arachnid.

Scorpion Targeting System

Drone Aggressive Mode - The Engineer commands his drone to attack more aggressively.


Heart of Talox

Darkform - The Summoner assumes the guise and powers of a demon, exchanging the use of weapons for powerful, massive claws.

Skull of Dessicator

Dark Lord - The hand of evil has the power to raise the dead.When attacking a demon while in Darkform, there is a ...% chance a Shadow Minion will be summoned.

Claw of Errgoth

Dark Offering - True power is gained through the offering of souls. While in Darkform, the Summoner sacrifices a Shadow Minion to perform a devastating strike against all enemies within melee range.


Shield Hardening Skill Token (probably a placeholder and they havent named it finally yet)

Arcane Resilence - The Evoker taps energy from the Well of Darkness to strengthen their defenses.


Wall of Bone - The remains of the dead rise in defense. Summons a destructible wall at the targeted location.

Pendant of Talox

Spectral Serpents - Arcane rituals bring forth creatures from the Spectral plane. Summons 3 stationary Spectral Serpents at the targeted location.

I got these with Reanimator, I didn't add the whole descriptions, just what the skill basically does.
I'm not sure if the Engineers Scorpion Targeting System has the right skill, according to Rean it does. If I remember correctly the drone skilltree didn't have a new skill in Global either so I'm assuming it's just a new mode for the drone. Not sure on this one though.

The tokens trigger a command like SetStat669('skill_unlocked', 'Skillname', 1); so in the case of Dark Lord for example it's SetStat669('skill_unlocked', 'Cabalist_Zombie_Lord', 1);. What I'm getting from this is the assumption they unlock new skills which you can then spend points in is right.
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