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New player looking for most original singleplayer experience?

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I am new to hellgate london and I have never played the game before, but I always wanted to.
I own the game on cd from flagship and I am using the singleplayer patch 1.2 (no mods). I have made a summoner, but messed up the skill points and attribute points pretty much, so I wanted to respec, but unfortunately there is no respec option in the game.

I was told by Bryan that some of the mods have the option to respec, so I checked out some of the mods, but my concern is that I don't want the game to be changed too much, I want the most original singleplayer experience of the game possible, but with an option to respec my skills/attributes (actually that is all what I need). I downloaded the revival 1.5b1, but I am afraid that it differs too much from the original game. I already tried using a trainer program to respec, but couldn't find one that works. Can someone help me or suggest me a singleplayer mod? :)

Download Unrevival 4.4 than you should good to go ;)
nagahaku mod is a great mod too. in this both mods you can respec so many time you like.

and both mods has pro´s and contra´s but they are good to play a whole time its a hard choice XD

Yes it's a really hard choice :) , there seems to be a lot of good mods. But how close is the revival 4.4 to the original game? Does it differs a lot from the original?

I tried a bit the 1.5b1 revival mod, and somehow the vendors (Richinson and Oarf) do not sell any skill or attribute retrainer, do I need need to beat the game first before being able to buy a skill/attribute retrainers? I am a bit lost lol
Edit: I tried the 4.4 mod and in this one the vendors have the retrainers, for whatever reason I don't have them in the 1.5b1 version.

Kikina the templar:
Revival is closest to the original game. It keeps the game mechanics from SP 1.2 version virtually unchanged, but adds a huge amount of extra things to the game. Things, that were mostly just for online play.
Retrainers can be obtained at a low price from any common merchant, they can also be obtained as a loot from Sydonai boss.

Welcome Afura :)


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