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Title: Mesh
Post by: Alloken on Mar 25, 2018; 09:09 PM
Hello to u hellgaters , modders and devs . just found ur awesome website , very nice and helpful.

i am GOING to create tiny mods for this lovely game , read about all modding stuff and softwares .
i am good with dds files , clear to use with GIMP .
my problem is 2 mesh files which are created for whole game models , the .am and .wm . idk how to open/edit/view/save them and there is no article about these file formats on internet.
Title: Re: Mesh
Post by: Kikina the templar on Mar 25, 2018; 11:12 PM
Several places in the program are reported that the both type of mesh files (wm for player models, am for other objects) is in GR2 (Granny v.2) files.
But, Granny viewer says that files is damaged.
Maybe is here some protection, maybe developers changed the format while programming. About textures, for example, program reported like .tga (targa) format, but all is in .dds.
The problem is also with the skeleton animations - its in havok 4.0.0. format, but most of it cannot be loaded to any editor that should support this format..
Title: Re: Mesh
Post by: Alloken on Mar 26, 2018; 08:59 AM
so there is no other way to edit them ?
Title: Re: Mesh
Post by: Malachor on Mar 27, 2018; 12:47 AM
My guess, is that the models were originally granny files(.gr2), but since having the animations produced by the havok tools, they were converted into a different format. While I've seen a program to convert them into a format that can be edited, that program can't convert them back, so they can't be used by the game.
3D Object Converter (http://3doc.i3dconverter.com/formats.html) is the program I was talking about, but it only mentions .wm files, not .am files.
Title: Re: Mesh
Post by: Alloken on Mar 27, 2018; 11:22 AM
Thanks dear Malachor i try that.
about .am format , i tried with Amira , the icons were changed to Amira program icon which means i use the currect program , but couldn't open the files it might be version  incompatibility i am not sure.. 😟😕
Title: Re: Mesh
Post by: Alloken on Mar 29, 2018; 02:03 AM
YAY it worked !
i hope i get a way to open .am files... ::)
i searched several times but i didnt found anything about 2nd invasion expansion in data files ... no map, no dds , no models ... ??
Title: Re: Mesh
Post by: gragdanin on Apr 05, 2018; 08:36 PM
Hello members!
Alloken if you want open .am files use amCollada for convert .am in .dae.
P.S.Sorry for my bad english.
Title: Re: Mesh
Post by: Alloken on Apr 06, 2018; 05:08 PM
Thanks Gragdanin , i already used that and converted some .am to .dae successfully . and also tried to open said .dae files in some 3D softwares but no one can open it and do stop working . the next step is find a program which support this verisons .  ;) :D
Title: Re: Mesh
Post by: gragdanin on Apr 07, 2018; 11:14 AM
Alloken no problem.
I'm use opencollada for 3d max and all converted weapon norm import in 3d max.