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Love you guys
« on: Oct 26, 2016; 03:46 PM »
Hello again guys . thanks for your hard works on the dead hellgate for Revival it.
have 3 questions and have something for a member of the site...

1- what the hell is this armor? anyone can give me some info about that?

2- did anyone success to bring global areas in SP ?

3- why this launcher is different ?(different from my launcher)

i cant do anything for this lovely game but can say u guys "Many thanks to you guys" and good luck with your works , thanks for your hard works .

i think i am only one who know your great website in my country lol. however LOVE you guys... :-* :-*
for that member who wanted hellgate soundtracks , i searched for you friend and there wasn't any Global soundtrack sorry , but had found this for you . hope you like it !


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Re: Love you guys
« Reply #1 on: Oct 27, 2016; 04:15 AM »
The armour is h_tech4_normal_torso, Safeguard. There is a unique version named Scale of Sydonai.
It's the highest grade of vanilla hgl hunter tech armour.

I don't know about question 2.

The launcher is probably for a different version, perhaps that version of global that came out recently, can't think of that name, but it has been talked about here.


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Re: Love you guys
« Reply #2 on: Oct 27, 2016; 08:40 AM »
thanks malachor for the answerd . but about that armor , its texture and color is so different from normal military torso. can you give more info about this armor ?