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Long time no see

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Hello to any old time members
I didn't realise this was till going and I'd given up after the end of Hellgate.aus when the lead said he was quitting due to needing to develop a gems with income and not this.
Was quite active with the modding back in the past.
really good to see this is still about  :D

Kikina the templar:
Wave  ;)

Long time indeed. Some of us "Old Guardians" are still around. Cant believe it has been nearly 12 years since i joined Hellgate.aus. Oh how the time flies...too fast if you ask me.

Waves back  ;) ;D

And good to see a familiar avatar still going strong here and flames still burning  8)

Just trying now to remember what patches, launchers, revival, reanimator etc, etc to use and slap where....plus the added fun of this dual install for the new london 2038 as well.

I even had to read my own read me in my mods to try remember how to install my own weapon skins and painted shields mods for sp  :P

Hi guys :)

Wow... it's really incredible how many of the old folks are still here. That's what I call dedication O.o
Today I stumbled over an old HDD and found an HGL installation on it and it started up just perfectly, so I thought I might as well check out the old/new board :)

Don't expect me to hang around for long though ;)


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