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« on: Jun 05, 2017; 01:17 AM »
I have started to get white implants.  I have gotten three so far and they all have no stats.  i have read I can craft them into something better but I cant find any information on it.  I don't know if my search-fu is lacking or no one has posted anything.  Can someone point me in the right direction?

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Re: Implants!!!1!?
« Reply #1 on: Jun 05, 2017; 10:51 AM »
Try to read patchnotes occasionally  :D

  - Common implants without stats is now a drop from all champions in the game (2% chance on
     kill). This implants can be transmuted into cube to "able implant" (implant + nanoshards). Able
     implant adds random generated skill upgrade (1 - 3). Able implants can be dismantled.
  - Bioimplants is drop from new bosses in Necropolis. On 1 - 4 level of Necropolis is 40% chance
    to spawn four bosses from stonehenge (different on each floor). Each boss have 90% chance to
    drop one from six types bioimplants and 1/6 chance on improved bioimplant. Bioimplants
    provides + to all skills, but their use cost some willpower and cannot be dismantled.
  - If you get trophy heads from all four new Necropolis bosses (100% chance on kill), you can try
     transmute it into cube to last type bioimplants (six different types, random generated damage

- Every champions now has a 3% chance on drop Common implant OR Teleportation device.
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Re: Implants!!!1!?
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Thank you again!!!