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hellgate mods need some changes on my idea . Just an idea !

1.Load screen

may be better to set Global load background on load screen( that church live wallpaper) and face

 yesterday i was watching a video that was about start hellgate global. its character creation was so better
and i think new hair and face for SP is a good idea !

3. 1 area or more are removed from game after SP patch1.2 like Pestilance park (donk know the true spell)
so areas are fewer and its an good idea to create NEW areas, not from global, and  add them into the game if its possible (i read a post before that Malachor tried to add a location to templar base i think and failed dont know Revival team has success yet )

4.and like always have a question : cant anyone (normal member ,a big team , or a rich person or something else...) purchase a server and run multiplayer on it? not possible?

(i recently read the REBORN post and found pkren team had original server files somehow . i like to download parts of reborn tonight and play a bit ... and read cant gear unique things and cant reach SH and abyss or Tokyo . so bad . i love hellgate and play it since 2010 but didnt play  multiplayer so unlucky !! watch the videos on youtube about global areas and think that was so nice and they are so lucky who had chance to play MP .)

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