Author Topic: How to tell if Revival is running?  (Read 793 times)


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How to tell if Revival is running?
« on: Jan 14, 2017; 12:40 AM »
This may seem like an odd question, but how can I tell if Revival is running/working as intended? I went through the install steps for 1.2.1 and everything seemed to go OK (no errors, everything is patched). When I run launcher (NewLauncher.exe) the Launcher shows up. Clicking Unleash Hell launches the game just fine. However, once in game, how can I tell if anything new is there? I mainly installed this because I was interested in the expanded inventory, but the inventory size looks exactly the same. I've created 4-5 new characters; No dye kits, no expanded inventory.

Thanks for any help with this.

I fully uninstalled the game, deleted everything in the My Games folder, etc. and essentially started over with a clean install. All seems to be good now, I see the extra inventory, dyes, etc. - Thanks for Revival!
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Re: How to tell if Revival is running?
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Visit the merchant, he sells a skill retainer and attribut retainer (missing string index) for each 15.000 palladium - that´s it. Easiest way, besides the loader screen which tells you its revival.
Someone correct me if I´m wrong.