Author Topic: Hi from an italian member! Video + question.  (Read 931 times)


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Hi from an italian member! Video + question.
« on: Feb 08, 2015; 05:26 PM »
Hi all! I'm italian and i know Hellgate London and the Lost London mod while searching games that use procedural generation for map creation (sorry for my bad english. i don't speak and write it very well :D )

I manage a youtube channel and a playlist called "Random Gameplay" where other similar games are discussed. I do 2 vids about this fantastic game (one for the "vanilla" version and the second for the Lost London mod):

Hellgate London "vanilla":

Lost London Mod:

In my mind the Lost London mod is fairly superior to Hellgate Global (3 classes instead 6, more frenesy in gameplay similar to games like Left for Dead 2 but also with fast use of RPG elements, no pay to win approach). and is also a rare gem in videogames in general (random map generation is ripetitive only in aesthetics.. but a group of molesters that suddently spawn near you or simply a car positioned in a different place where you can cover can change your strategy drammatically! :D ).

The only problem that have this game in this version is the ripetitive architectures of levels (expecially at street level). This, with the great amount of bugs present in the release version very probably cause the failure of this game. The problem of "repetitive elements" is also present in other games like Minecraft or also in recent Roguelike FPS (Paranautical Activity, Tower of Guns, Ziggurat...).
I read in this forum that someone developed a tool to modify object in the game like the equipment but the project was stopped before this program can be used to modify map buildings (AMcollada).

There is a hope to reopen this project? Maybe this, combined with the reanimator, could create very different level design and attract more people that search for more variety in FPS Roguelike (like me? :) )

Sorry again for my english :)