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Title: Gundian, viable ?
Post by: Kyuu on Nov 22, 2017; 04:51 PM
Hi everyone !

I already played Hellgate in 2007-2008 (maybe), only on SP. Recently, I remembered how good this game. After quick research I found this mod (REVIVAL) and it's seems pretty awesome and install it (1.5.2, the latest isn't ?).

Gundian (guardian gun) is actually viable ?

I imagine somethink like that :
http://blccdy.ekl-systems.de/hellgate/skilltree4/skilltree.html?class=guardian&preset=A040000000010003A0100A0000000001&lang=en (rest of point go to Spiritual strenght and Great defender).

Good ? Any advice are welcome.

Title: Re: Gundian, viable ?
Post by: Morphy on Nov 22, 2017; 06:41 PM
I'd whack a few points in "Aura of Renewal" - nothing beats having some +150 health per enemy per minute in a close in fight.

I took AoR so high that I was in the middle of enemies and gaining health faster than they were knocking it off! - FUN!