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Damage types mechanics question


Hello, fellow hellgaters!

I have a question about damage types mechanics in HG:L.

Say, I have a sword with Electricity damage with a Battery slot, and a Battery mod with, say, + Ignite. As far as I can guess it's useless to mod a sword like this with a mod like this, is it? And I must seek for a + Shock mods only, right? Well, not necessarily Shock only but not Ignite, Stun, Phase and Poison just because they won't work, is it?

Kikina the templar:
In order for the ignition effect to work, there must be at least some small percentage of fire damage on the weapon. If the weapon has only electrical damage, the ignite from mod will not work. But if the weapon has two slots, you can put the mod with +fire damage in one and +ignite in the other. Then everything will work.
If you have fire damage or ignite on your armor, then it will always work on weapons in both hands.
It works the same way with other effects - electric/shock, spectral/phase...

Taking dual-wielding Blademaster as an example, will it work if I have a sword with, say, Fire damage in one hand, and a sword with different type of damage and with + Ignite mod installed - in another?

Kikina the templar:
Damage or effect on a weapon affects only that one weapon. Only affixes from armor affect weapons in both hands.


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