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Title: /Background
Post by: Alloken on Apr 05, 2018; 10:22 AM
Greeting .
i was searching about Maps in Nitehawk's recommended HGG client last night . the only one related folder was DATA/BACKGROUND .
there are some formats there like .m , .mop , .rom and a lot of .xml files . its clear that xml files contain objects coordinates in every part of levels . but the matter is unclear to me is those formats . (and i really like to know the map parts models are in which format ) .
i am collecting information about maps cause i want to try my luck with maps which aren't used in SP game . like CubeB , Tower Bridge , Maritime Museum etc (make them useable ) . and also bring those City_park maps ( Pestilence park) - like old Bloomsbury- cause we lost them after patch 1.2 . 
-- if u look at ( remember is better word ) Global City maps with more accurate , it had more variety , for example , a big park in the middle of map , alleys combined with streets , wider streets and many other things . but London city maps are just a straight street . ( is was more diverse before patch 1.2 , my GOD this patch is terrible ) i like to know how mapping system work . it works with some FILES ? or codding or ...
Title: Re: /Background
Post by: Malachor on Apr 06, 2018; 02:10 AM
In Reanimator look at Level, Level_drlg_choice, Level_drlgs, Level_rules, and possibly Room_index.
I've been able to make a copy of an existing level and successfully access it, but I didn't have any success with multiplayer stonehenge, I didn't try the global version of it.
You might be able to reactivate a level disabled by the patch.
Title: Re: /Background
Post by: Alloken on Apr 06, 2018; 05:10 PM
Thanks Malachor , i wil look at them as soon as i can . and what about "Generate random map parts"
Title: Re: /Background
Post by: Malachor on Apr 07, 2018; 02:37 AM
...and what about "Generate random map parts"
If you mean to ask about the .m, .mop, and .rom files, I don't know what they are for. If that's not what you mean, then could you go into more detail?
Title: Re: /Background
Post by: Alloken on Apr 07, 2018; 02:10 PM
i dont mean those formats , i wanna know how core program arrange those random map parts to build a level area , does it get maps from files ? or its a automatic operation by some codding or ...
Title: Re: /Background
Post by: Malachor on Apr 09, 2018; 03:40 AM
Open Reanimator
Go to the View menu
Click on File Explorer
Then when that starts, click on the Advanced Commands tab and
Then click on Level Rule Files
Select the location where you want them to be converted to
go to data/background/city and open rule_pmt01.drl.xml
And you'll see:
Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<LevelRules xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema">
This shows 4 rooms(although 2 are the same file), they are the .rom files.
I don't know what the <unknown> element is.
<X>, <Y>, and<Z> specify the relative location from some unknown origin.
<Rotation> is in radians.
There are more rule_pmt files.
These files are for russell square.

In Reanimator, open LEVEL_DRLG_CHOICE, index 0 is russell square, it uses drlg 8(Tutorial), so open LEVEL_DRLGS, look at index 8 Tutorial, it's drlgRuleSet is DRLG_PedMallTutorial.
Then if you open LEVEL_RULES and look at index 43, it has a drlgFileName of Rule_pmT01, and a drlgRuleSet of DRLGPedMallTutorial, the same as in LEVEL_DRLGS.
So obviously, they're linked in some way, but that's the extent of my knowledge.
I will say that it should be possible to change the values in the rule_*.drl files, it may even be possible to add new <Room> elements, but I don't know for certain.