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! Attention please !
« on: Aug 16, 2016; 11:15 PM »
Hello to all hellgaters and thanks Malachor for answering my questions.

Last week I installed revival , Nagahaku and lost London . played all of them. Very nice and helped me to dream and wonder how HGG was ... I hadn't any chance to play it even 1 time. Nevermind.

When I played Revival 1.5b 2 , I found out global weapons and armors in this pack are FEW.
In lost London and nagahaku , global items and weapons were more. But some weapons had not any Voice !! Lol...
But nagahaku adds more enemies in game and make it very difficult.

It will be very greatful if a mod releases (Like Revival 1.5b 3 or something) that adds all weapons and armors with true voice in SP game , i know it takes long time, but is impossible. Please , all of new global item in same place is so good .

And about areas (not SH and Abyss) , possible to add global areas into game?? Like Westminster Catacombs , Parliment Square (or whatever they named) and etc. Or reate new areas that aren't even is global ,like the church that Lyra Darius and Jessica Sumeries were there ( in cinematic) Lol

I am not a modders , but I know this works are hard and take time , but if I were , I tried everything to help you great men and women in this way.
(Feel sorry to flagship for its short life and congratulate it for its best game , Love you Hellgate)
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Re: ! Attention please !
« Reply #1 on: Aug 18, 2016; 06:18 PM »
What I recall, Global can't be added to Hellgate London SP.  Now, the TCv4 or whatever the patch is, can be added.  Hellgate sunk and T3Fun took over.  The files that Global was, don't work with the Single Player version.

Stonehenge and Abyss might be possible.  There is actually a section someone found leaked HGL files, which contains the Stonehenge and Abyss Areas.

Weapons and Armors items that was imported from TCv4 is in the mods currently.