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SweetFX HGL 64bit
« on: Dec 14, 2015; 01:32 PM »
Unzip to Hellgate\SP_x64
Scroll Lock ON/Off
Uninstall: Remove same files
Antialiasing OFF in OPTIONS HGL!
 Download for reference or compare:
 SweetFX 2.0 (Preview 8 | ReShade 1.1.0_2 Dec
 (DO not use DX10)
 *** Read README.txt
 32bit: Rename
 ReShade32.dll to d3d9.dll (DX9)
 Unzip to Hellgate\SP_x32
 and use this one instead the one for 64bit.
Only changes by me in:
Calibrate monitor here:
IExplorer/View/Zoom (100) !!!
Do not use high brightness.
If you do not understand please read ***
I use this "SweetFX_settings.txt"
in all games last year with no problem.
Frames like using Antialiasing 2
Happy new year