Author Topic: HD Textures & HiRes Videos for Hellgate Global 2014 [DOWNLOAD]  (Read 16053 times)


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Re: HD Textures & HiRes Videos for Hellgate Global 2014 [DOWNLOAD]
« Reply #30 on: Jan 21, 2017; 08:37 PM »
Sry to Necro this thread, but it's actually the only reference i found for high res textures.
There're parts missing, as some users already stated.
Could someone with the full package upload it somewhere plz?
It's almost impossible to get it otherwise.
there is no point to downloading it now when Hellgate Global is not active anymore.

you see, maximum texcture quality and some other settings were cut in Hellgate Global, so this package was restoring original high quality textures found in Hellgate London. it won't be usable for Helglate London since you will be replacing your textures with a set of exactly the same ones.
Oh, that's a bummer, though thanks for the answer.


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Re: HD Textures & HiRes Videos for Hellgate Global 2014 [DOWNLOAD]
« Reply #31 on: Apr 27, 2017; 04:38 PM »
If it were up to me, this "update" should be a part of Hellgate because watching everyone run about with lowres 8bit graphics on their characters is utter fiasco for a "high res" 2009 game.

Mind you, i'm not in any way, shape or form questioning the work of the current "revival" devs, i was just
against this solution from the very first Beta when Flagship desided to take the easy way out to solve
the struggeling engine, bad code and report of low frames in stations.

I've always been of the mindset that games should have high graphics and if people don't have the hardware to support the higher setttings .... LOWER THE SETTNGS..
Players with highend PC's shouldn't have to play lowres games just because people with lowend PC's can't lower their settings in the game.