Author Topic: WTB: Ilvl 53 & 54 necro/demon Cannons & MM set pieces  (Read 1624 times)


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Infiltrator Parts I'm looking for:

Torso unaugged
Boots or Helm with:
1st aug - AA
2nd aug - Stamina or Accuracy or boost
Gloves with:
1st aug - AA
2nd aug - Use rate

Looking for the following cannons in ilvl 53 or 54:

20%+Splash/ccm Demon 60%+/ increase tac use rate
20%+Splash/ccm Necro 60%+/ increase tac use rate
60%+CCM Demon/Demon CDB/increase tac use rate, cc
60%+ccm Demon/3 explosive Grenade/ Increase tac use rate

Also interested in a 3 x Ele Mod with ccm demon or cdb demon Gatling

You may contact me on here or in game under the same name. Thanks.
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