Author Topic: need help for Reborn questions  (Read 833 times)


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need help for Reborn questions
« on: Oct 28, 2016; 02:03 PM »
last night i got all parts of hellgate reborn . run the launch.exe it worked but problems, problems ruins the hopes:

A)the language of game is chinese . any idea how to change it to English?( in current language , i cant even understand my problems!!)

B) as far as i know , reborn is -somehow- the Global . so it must have a green bar round the willpower , chat room , 2 new circles around minimap and a purple bar around it , players start in greenwich park then station and as its name , MUTIPLAYER , must be more than 1 player in the game... and something like this .gloabal player know them i watched them on the videos...

but willpower bar minimap and many f***ing other things are SAME as hellgate london single player ! i am alone in the game ,even i expect character creation most be different and new (a ruined korean style bridge and etc...).but its old...
 it seems i am playing SP game again .

Whats the problem?? someone can help me??


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Re: need help for Reborn questions
« Reply #1 on: Oct 28, 2016; 03:29 PM »
See my answer in the Reborn thread.
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