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Marksmen Questions
« on: Feb 07, 2014; 11:10 PM »
Hi all!  I've started playing recently and have a few questions.  I'm currently a level 17 Marksmen.

I've read over the following guides, but would like some clarification on a few points.

1: Attribute Point Spending
According to PanicAttack's guide, I should be spending my points in a 0/1/2/2 ratio while retaining a 50 point pool for endgame.  The guide was written for SP 1.0, so I was wondering if this is still the rule of thumb or if there is a better spread?

2: Gear Bonuses
Most of the info I am finding is for endgame.  While leveling, PanicAttack says to look for +All Attributes(AA), Shields and +Luck.  Is this correct while leveling and what would be the more ideal bonuses to look for?  I am having trouble using current level weapons (I know +AA would solve most of that issue) but unsure if I should dump my +Luck gear in favor for it.  Shield wise, I seem to be fine currently as long as I don't derp into walls.  So, what bonuses should I be prioritizing while leveling?

3: Augmentrex/Nano Forge
When should I begin using these services?  I'm collecting parts (Nano Shards, Scrap Metal, etc) and banking them currently.  Should I just wait till 50s to use them or sooner?

Thanks in advance for any input you can give and I'll see you in game!
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Re: Marksmen Questions
« Reply #1 on: Feb 08, 2014; 12:50 AM »
Greetings Hellshiver,welcome :)

Many thanks for pointing out that I didn't touch on the issue of stats in my guide,it was a total omission on my part.I've added a note on them,but to sum it up,and go further in your questions:

1. Global has made it essential that players keep all their points in store during leveling,and only spend them on essential gear feeds.This may seem strict,but it's the safest way to avoid having to use a Retrainer at lv50,where one will stay for a while for ranks before lv55.
Others may prefer to freely spend their points during leveling,as they feel ~500k palladium isn't much to pay for this freedom from planning and restraining one's self.I guess it boils down to personal choice,but the advice you'll most often receive is the former.

2. Going by the above axis,desired properties for leveling should be limited to +AA/stats,and possibly other low cost properties whose feeds will later be covered (ie properties with Accuracy feeds,such as the +1 to all skills).

The matter of shields is one of personal preference,I'd say.Shields do have Stamina feeds,which will later be covered by the feeds of +AA/stats,so you won't end up with unneeded Stamina.Shields may also be of use when solo grinding and so forth.I haven't found much use for them,but others might,and might benefit from it in the process.

Luck,on the other hand,has been confirmed to be a mostly useless property,and with Will feed to boot.You will most likely not be searching for many rare low/mid level weapons yourself,and both lower level and lv50/endgame weapons can both be found on the Marketplace.Case in point,Hus are usually at 50k,clean Thor's vary from 100k to 300k and clean Hurricanes somewhere in the 300-500k area.
You will have to farm for Mythics and the such,but Luck has next to no effect on these whatsoever either.You can read more on luck here.

3. The Augmentrex is generally despised,as it often provides +skill augments which carry tremendous,unneeded feeds.It may provide useful properties as well,and early on the drawback isn't as apparent.My suggestion would be,feel free to use it early on (ie for getting a skill earlier) but refrain from it later unless enirely necessary (ie when going for a specific property that your Mythic/unique is sorely lacking,such as base crit/ccm on Hus).

The Nano Forge has a similar reputation,for having very low chances to succeed as the enchants increase.I'd suggest getting your most useful weapons (ie lv50 ones or the lv32 Fraggers that could carry you to lv50) to +5 or so,and ignoring it for most other weapons.You could go for +7 and above for your endgame weapons,but remember that a failed enchant over +6 without Cash shop preservatives breaks your gear.
As a Marksman,I'd suggest not using it on your armor at all.The armor/shield bonuses are too small for the feeds they come with,and in endgame the only players who even bother with these are the tankers.

That's all I could think of at first glance,if anything's amiss do ask away :)
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List of Global class guides.
The above guides may be obsolete for vanilla SP, but they may still hold true for the 2018 Steam version.


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Re: Marksmen Questions
« Reply #2 on: Feb 08, 2014; 01:08 AM »
Thanks for the response and guide update!

1: At this point, I'll most likely have to use a retainer when I hit 50 then.  18 levels of point spending in a 0/1/2/2 ratio and all.  Unless I lucked out and have put in the exact amount of points I'll need...

2:  Understood.  +AA is what I want, to help with feeds.  Shields are a "nice to have, but not a focus" and Luck is pointless.

3: So more of a enhancing endgame weapons cause they don't have what I want thing.

Thanks again for the input!  If I have any other questions, I'll pop them up in here.  See you in game!