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evoker finetuning
« on: Aug 28, 2012; 03:22 PM »
so, critical chance seems to have been figured out now (at least ccm(caste) from both foci).

what remains, is the question of ele dmg vs cdb(caste) in the (offslot of your) relics. i mean, what benefits you more, dual ele dmg relics with 18% (and 40 feed cost) or 9%/100%cdb(caste) for 20 will feed cost (and negligible accu feed)?

i presume this depends on your base critical damage bonus and ofcourse your foci and what they bring into the math (like, more elemental damage on them and their feedcost), and overall is a dynamic value.

does anyone have a calculator? would be nice to have.

some more examples of what i mean.

let's say, you have 600% cdb without weapons and two glyph-cages, so you're sitting at 1k cdb (easy math). now, you can add a 9/9 relic and lose 80% cdb, but gain 18% of your base damage, in other words, only 920% cdb, but increased base by 18%. alternatively, you can use a 9/100, lose 40% cdb, but gain 100% vs caste, so you sit at 1060% cdb and increase the base by 9%.

am i clear? :)