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« on: Jun 09, 2012; 11:41 PM »
So,constant reskills brought me to asking on those little buggers.
Keeping in mind I'm asking with efficiency in Hell as the main criteria.

Got a cast set,pants and a +1 to keep the rest of my build covered.Now I have 9 points left for elementals apart from the basics that I've now invested in the Fire elementals,but those didn't quite impress me.
Using 10 Forces and 10 Toxics which I'm not planning on ditching,as the Forces are sturdy enough to take tons of beating and the Toxics' handy fields seem to work well enough in terms of damage.Well,for Elementals anyway.
Now the choice is among 10 Fires,10 Storms or a maxed Spectral.Or well,dumping the points in Revenge/Fortitude and see if that pays off.

Fires generally didn't impress me.Their ignite strength seems to be way too low,their base damage even with ~400% added minion damage doesn't seem to live up to the 9 points' investment.Oh,and they die like flies.

I thought of Storms for a second there,but as far as I remember they seemed to deal even less damage than Fires.So that went out of the picture in a hurry.

The Spectral seemed like a decent choice at first.Strikes with an AoE,deals phase (supposedly) and costs much less power to keep out than 10 of anything else.Not that I have an issue with power/regen (standing at 1.3k power and 2k regen),but getting even more for personal spell-spamming would certainly not bother me.
The thing is just that though,it's only one elemental.Don't know how much beating it can take,and I'm not sure at all if it can deal more damage than 10 of anything else.Perhaps his phasing stuff would allow my Warper to ditch out that extra damage,but it's too much of a risk to spend yet another reskill for something I might be just as disappointed in.

So,experienced Summoners of this corner of the world,thoughts? :)
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