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A Guide to HG:G Evoker Skills set
« on: Apr 19, 2012; 05:31 AM »
First I'll introduce the ranking system its simple most should understand

No other skill like in terms of effecting multiple elemental status affects, base damage, and critical damage, has a low power cost too.

There may be 1 other skill on its level in terms of the above stats

A decent skill with decent usefullness, its power cost is appropriatte for its damage

There are several B skills that are better but this skill may be required for prerequisites

The only time you may use this skill is during leveling, and early levels of the game.  Do not spend any points in this skill these skills can be had on  gear set swap

A glitched skill that literally does nothing or has no value other than being a requirement for a single achievement
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Re: A Guide to HG:G Evoker Skills set
« Reply #1 on: Apr 19, 2012; 05:32 AM »
Level 10/10 Skull Splitter
In terms of damage, Elemental Effect chance, Damage vs power cost the best skill available to the evoker, its a shame it takes 6 skill points to get to its the only drawback...
(hint aim at the right of the enemies feet, or throw into an open space in crowds)

A full Field of Level 10/10 Spectral Serpents higher damage than Flameshards third most sought after status affect, they can also taunt certain enemies drawing them closer to the serpents.

Level 10/10 Flame shards Good damage moderate power cost fast cycle time

Fully synergized level 10/10 Spectral Lash
Good damage, best range, good splash size on death, Frustration targeting


Level 10/10 Demonspine
50% less damage or more than Flameshards, damage is dependent on target model size(the larger size models can be hit by more than 1 spear and more than once), Low power cost, High cycle rate, and moderate chance of stun, even a partial fragment of skull splitter is better than Demon spine.

Level 10/10 Hellfire
Second best Area of Effect, high dps, Highest power cost

Level 10/10 Arcane shield
The First of only 2 spells to make the damage list,  only because it does a great job of keeping you from taking damage

Level 10/10 Spectral Curse
The more mobs the higher the dps, Can get higher than Skull Splitter, slows Bosses to a crawl, Lower cycle rate than Hellfire.  Absolutely Nasty in the Tokyo area's of Base defense and Cow room!


Level 10/10 Swarm
Low cycle rate decent Area of effect

Level 10/10 Non-synergized Spectral Lash
Best range, low damage

Level 10/10 Venomous Spirit
High damage, moderate cycle rate, Only larger models can be hit by more than 1 spirit

Level 1/10 Arc Legion
Moderate to high damage, High power cost, great for early levels and PVP

Level 10/10 Lighting Field
Best Area of Effect in-game, decent elemental affect chance, Low power cost, low damage (fun with splash vokers)


Level 1~7/7 Drain power or Life Not needed, but can literally save you money on injectors.  Drain Life is Essential for PVP

Level 10/10 Non-synergized Spectral Bolt

Level 10/10 Venom Armor rebounds
Best source of elemental status affliction in-game some like ignite and phase can rebound for 2 minute durations

Level 7/7 Dual Focus
Only other skill to make the damage list that doesn't do damage,  Evokers should have this skill eventually maxed

Level 10/10 Bone Shards
Essential for PVP

Level 10/10 Spectral Curse Slow Effect
Your character//party will take 50% less damage from affected mobs because they move//attack 50% slower

The F skills (the ones to avoid)

Level 4~10 Tempest
The nerfing of this skill makes me sad, using it may get you kicked from parties, Drain Life costs less and can actually do more damage than level 3 tempest storm field.

Level 3~10 Firestorm
Best dps within 10 meters, Cant cast any other spells while channeling!!. (which also means your about to be hit!!)

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Re: A Guide to HG:G Evoker Skills set
« Reply #2 on: Apr 19, 2012; 05:32 AM »
An in Depth Guide To every Evoker Skill in HG:G  If your new to the evoker Read this section Thourghly before deciding on a "Path"

First some Basic Terms so you know what I am referencing.

Damage = The damage  rating compared to other maxed level skills, Only references the damage portion of each skill.  The above post was a general guide this details without specifically knowing the direct spell coe what it does approximate.  All spells are referenced with a level 10/10 Bone shards so some may be lower than 1.0 and some may be higher than it by a lot.

Cooldown = the time spent between the spell being cast and being ready to cast again.

Instant break cast = Casting this spell doesn't interrupt any other spells and is instantly triggered,  If hit during the casting animation spell effect is canceled till next cooldown.

Combo break Spell = When listed means this spell when cast after its (combo spell) can act like an instant cast spell with a special animation Shortening the affect of the normal casting animation.  This means a Combo spell can be cast right behind it with both spells doing full damage.  These *Combo spells* will have unique casting animations showing you that you did it right I.e. you will transistion from overhand to underhand immediately on the second spell.  Also it will list What skills I can Combo with if cast First.  Secondly Some skills require a specific amount of increased evoker skill use rate to "enable" their combo effect It is also listed here.

Known Bugs = The final part explains the limits of the spell relating to bugs and model size impacts.

With that out of the way Onto the spells going from Right to Left via the skill tree tabs.


Damage = 5.0 ~ 15.0
Cooldown = 1.0 seconds (20 game ticks)+ 0.2 game ticks casting animation
Instant break cast = no
Combo Break = Flame shards (20% increased use rate), Skullsplitter (30~34% increased use rate), Swarm (20% increased use rate) Lighting field (instant combo spell), Tempest (38~40% increased use rate), and Spectral Bolt(instant combo spell)
Known bugs = 1. Each spine has a chance to pierce multiple targets based on spell level, Each spine can pierce 2 different targets if their model sizes on the shields hitboxes overlap where the demonspine hits,  In later levels with larger model sizes each demonspine can hit more than once when passing through the model.  See cthulu's explaination on what was done with shrapnel.

Bone Shards
Damage = 1.0
Cooldown (10/10 = 3.8 seconds or 75 game ticks)
Instant break cast = yes always hits each model once
Combo Break = Invalid for instant cast spells.
Known Bugs = Only works in a direct horizontal line from your belt and directly above your model. This means if your standing on a ledge monsters below you will NOT be hit.

Skull Splitter
Damage = 20.0~160.0 Depends on number of direct fragment hits
Cooldown 3.0 or (60 game ticks)+ casting animation of 0.2 game ticks
Instant Break Cast = No
Combo Break = Demonspine, Flameshards, Swarm, Venomous spirit, Spectral bolt, and Tempest (all require 16%~18% increased use rate)
Known bugs = Explodes when placed in a model only doing damage to that model at the maximum of 12 shard explosions.  Hard to learn to target properly (Hint place directly in front and to the right of the intended targets feet).

Firestorm ( Channeled skill)
Damage = 6.0~12.0 Per Bullet fragement: As I cant hex edit in HG:G some of the bullets still miss at range with 300+ accuracy  This is an estimate only the damage over 1 second is slightly more than a level 4 flameshards full hit.  Very powerful skill.
Cooldown = 0.15 seconds (3 game ticks) + 0.5 game Tick windup casting animation and a +0.5 Wind down casting animation Also no damage occurs during wind down.
Instant break cast = No
Combo break = None
Known bugs = use rate directly affects its fire rate and is highly inaccurate, becomes much more accurate with more accuracy points.   Cant cast any other spells while this skill is channeled, which can lead to an easy death.  Really high DPS for the early levels until flameshards can out perform flameshards until level 4 in Flame shards (10/10 firestorm)

Flame Shards
Damage = 20.0 ~ 25.0
Cooldown 2.0 seconds ( 40 game ticks)+ 0.4 game tick casting animation
Instant break Cast = Yes after casting Lighting field, Tempest, and Swarm Only *Special animation*
Combo break = (0% increased use rate above skills) Demonspine, Spectral bolt (20% increased use rate), Venomous spirit and Skull Splitter (30% increased use rate)
Known Bugs = only 3 shards can hit closest model if all shards were placed in the terrain.  Affects more than 1 target if splash size is big enough (haven't fully tested it).

Damage = 80.0 Initial Coe (first strike splash)
10.0 over 60 game ticks (Field affected by %boost skills duration)
Cooldown 4.0 seconds ( 80 game ticks) + 0.05 casting animation (2 game ticks for the aim portion)
Instant break cast = Sort of (2 game tick cooldown)
Combo Break = None
Known Bugs = Largest Area of effect spell at 10/10, with a lot of splash (160~175%) can break the games in-game aoe range limit like the engy's strikes. This is the field effect only the Initial coe is actually much smaller splash size than the field.

Lighting Field
Damage = 1.0 for a direct initial hit 0.5 Every 20 game ticks for 100 game ticks.  Duration of field affect by +boost skills Duration %
Cooldown = 1.0 seconds (40 game ticks) +0.5 casting animation (1 game tick special animation for combo'ed spells
Instant break cast = No
Combo break = All non channeled skills (0% increased use rate)
Known bugs = Between beta and open a patch happned that cut its initial radius in half making it smaller in splash size at 10/10 than swarm and hellfire.  Multiple fields can stack  up to 3 by default without any gear augments.  Does 4 times the damage to a single target if hit directly.

Damage = Each field can do 30.0 damage over 8.0 seconds ( 160 game ticks, can stack multiple fields) Affected by both +boost skills duration ( the time the field will stay active) and +Buff skills duration the time each tempest lighting strike stays on the target. **frame breaks for more damage per "strike" are 25% buff and 50% buff skills duration)  Each strike "Holds" over the target for 3 game ticks.  Can get very high damage If the evoker is built right.  All boosters cost will feed.
Combo Break = Yes All skills
Instant break cast = Yes field is active before casting animation ends, Casting animation can combo break into other skills casting animations.  Field always does damage even after death, Even in PVP... The only PVP skill I've seen that can do damage after death.
Known bugs = Consider its dps... thats 30.0 damage over 8.0 seconds of which you can fit 4 full flame shards nicely during that time ( if close enough thats 160.0 damage.  Highest power cost skill at level 55 10/10,  3 augments directly affect its dps... +increased use rate, +boost duration, and +buff duration.  Can get pretty deadly if the Evoker gears right.

Arc Legion
Damage = 0.5 ~ 20.0 damage over 1.0 seconds per beam per target (20 game ticks) Skill "winds up" till maximum damage each direct target decreases damage by 0.2 (Not 0.125)
Damage of "Shock Tick" = 60.0 every 1.0 seconds (20 game ticks) Affected by Arc legion's skill level at 10/10 does double the damage of the Original skill.  Highest source of shock attack strength in-game *10/10 Essential for PVP*
Cooldown = +0.5 casting animation Wind down (does no damage just like firestorm) Casting animation wind up time is 2.0 seconds (40 game ticks)

Venomous Spirit
Damage = 15.0 ~20.0 Larger size models can be hit by multiple spirits
Cooldown 1.0 seconds (20 game ticks) + 0.5 seconds casting animation
Instant Break Cast = No
Combo break = Yes all Non-channeled spells (30% increased use rate) excluding Swarm (0% increased use rate) Special animation cast
Known bugs = Fear strength portion Is affected by Sacred mods only of Both hands of Foci.  Will not cause a fear affect in nightmare or Hell modes.  Fear strength is multiplied by word of fear curse, Fear is useless past monster level 20.  Turn radius becomes sharper and spirits last longer the higher the spell rank.

Venom Armor
Damage = 0.5 Only for melee attacks within 10 meters Highest source of Elemental effect strength in-game Curse durations can exceed 1 minute in hell difficulty if rebounded properly (You can permenently stun Moloch and ignite him to his death. *I've seen it happen in Hell mode, and Have done it personally in Nightmare mode)  Skill is affected by +boost% duration skills.
Cooldown = 0.1 seconds (2 game ticks) from Each source of rebound. No game limit on #'s of rebounds above 20 monsters can cause very high lag
Instant break cast = No
Combo Break cast = None
Known bugs = 2 minutes of stunning, igniting, poisoning, phasing, and shocking a target from rebound during Pvp means you've won the match.  Elemental attack strengths come from Casting Focus only.  (makes it great for a slipnaughts Gear swap in pvp) Second most broken spell for PVP for either the evoker to summoner

Damage = 25.0 every 1.0 seconds for 8.0 seconds (25.0 damage over 20 game ticks for 160 game ticks) Duration of field affected by +boost% skills duration.  ALL MONSTERS that are poisoned move 50% slower and this effect STACKS with Spectral Curse and Hamper effects.
Cooldown 6.0 seconds (120 game ticks) Damage from field Effect affected by +increased use rate gear Unlike other fields.
Instant break cast = no
Combo Break = Yes Lighting field, Tempest, Demonspine(0% increased use rate) All other non-channeled skills are (20% increased use rate)
Known bugs = Simply a wonder to watch bosses when affected by Hamper, Spectral Curse, and being Poisoned.  Often overlooked because of its long cooldown but does more dps (damage per second) than a 10/10 Flameshards.

Spectral Bolt
Damage = *1.0 10.0 Non-Synergized* **4.0~ 40.0 Synergized** Damage is dependent on distance and number of phased balls that strike the target"s" increasing this spells range is actually counter productive you want the "split" to happen as soon as possible.
Cooldown = 1.0 Seconds
Instant break cast = no
Combo break cast = Lighting field, Tempest, Bone shards, Swarm (0% increased use rate) All other non-channeled spells are (20% increased use rate)
Known bugs = Harder to master than skull splitter.  The augments//mods that make spectral lash great make this skill horrid.  Smaller size models can actually be hit more than Larger size models can.  Optimum distance is 14 meters if the target isn't moving, 17meters if moving towards you

Spectral Lash (Channeled spell)
Damage = *4.0 ~20.0* over 1.0 seconds Non-Synergized*  **15.0~75.0 over 1.0 game seconds Synergized** Both average their damage over (20 game ticks)
Cooldown = 1.0 seconds (20 game ticks) + 0.5 second Casting animation Wind up, + 1.0 second Casting animation Wind down **the mod +%boost skills duration directly increased the hold tick casting animation portion of this spell and if using a ranged spectral evoker these mods should be avoided**  Unlike other channeled skills this does damage during wind dwon.
Instant break Cast = No
Combo break Cast = No
Known bugs = Very frustrating if trying to use other skills intermixed with lash,  Hold tick for the casting animation is frustating.  If spectral Lash can phase its target becomes the Highest DPS skill at the evokers disposal (75.0 dps + 30% increased direct damage).  This skill coupled with maxed concentrate damage becomes absolutely deadly.

Spectral Lash Nova Death
Damage = 15.0~30.0 damage depends on lash mastery skill lvl
Cooldown = 1.0 seconds (20 game ticks the actual time that lash can re-target a different monster)
Instant break cast = Yes, but requires lash which is a channeled skill to have been previously active
Combo break cast = no
Known bugs = Suffers from the same targeting bugs as lash.  Splash damage from phase is bugged in the game and does 10x the normal amount almost always phases trash mobs on normal/nightmare

Spectral Curse
Damage = 25.0 per target radius explosion up to 16 targets (8 meter radius)
Cooldown = 5.0 seconds or (100 game ticks)
Instant break Cast = no
Combo break cast = no
Known Bugs = The game//server has issues with more than 10 total monster each within each others radius explosion all dying at once,  this is called Curse death lag and can be frustrating to some players who have weaker systems.  Does not cause the fps bug, but if explosions happen during another instance of field damage will almost always cause lag.  If enough slow speed% is applied to mobs it can break certain AI functions (Moloch wont call adds/Berial/Occy/etc) Think the slow effect bug in Diablo 2 combo with decrepify, freeze, and golem slow effect. AI breaking happens at 101% slow speed so Curse is required.

Spectral Serpents
Damage = 10.0 per serpent head hit
Cooldown = 4.0 seconds (80 game ticks)+ 0.8 second casting animation Increased use rate also effects the fire rate of the serpents frame breaks are at (25% and 50%)
Instant break cast = No
Combo break cast = No
Known Bugs = Will taunt most trash mobs in Normal//Nightmare, drawing more aggro to the caster. Useless for the first 2 levels serpents the will just not last long enough to target and fire.

To stop the wall of text I'll put the drains even though they do damage In the next post.
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Re: A Guide to HG:G Evoker Skills set
« Reply #3 on: Apr 19, 2012; 05:32 AM »
Summon Ember
Damage = the pet can ignite almost anything in normal/nightmare, dont put points into this skill.
Cooldown = +1.0 second casting animation (20 game ticks) + 20.0 second cooldown on death
Instant combo break = no
Combo break = no
Known bugs = drops your power pool by 20% at 10/10.  Can take max of 2 hits in hell mode from same level monsters

Concentrate damage
Damage = none, Increases ALL damage by 84% make the evoker Imobile while channeled. moving breaks the state
Cooldown = 10.0 seconds +0.2 second casting wind down
Instant combo break = Yes its a state as soon as its triggered it is active
Combo break = not available on instant break spells
Known bugs = Unless your really well built staying still usually means death in HG:G nightmare and hell modes.  its also for those that wonder +84% critical damage bonus as well.

Damage = none
Cooldown = -2.0 seconds per rank for 2.0 second cooldown at level 10/10
Instant combo break = yes
Combo break = yes
Known bugs = Takes some practice to "aim" this skill aim above the ground to where you want to blink too.

Word of Fear
Damage = none (DONT put any points into this skill!!!!)
Cooldown = 5.0 seconds(DO NOT UNDER ANY Circumstances PUT ANY POINTS into this Skill)
Instant combo break = Yes
Combo break = no
Known bugs = Fear strength is bugged in so even ifs its at 10/10 the duration of the fear portion is cut by 1/4 meaning monsters will move 5m then re-aggraviete on you.

Drain Power (Channeled skill)
Damage = 0.1 per second per enemy up to 20 targets (averages damage over 20 seconds)
Cooldown = 0.0
Instant break Combo = no
Combo Break = no
Known bugs = the elemental attack strength portion is leftover code from HG:L and Almost ANY flying monster can be stunned by this skill and 2 green physical relics (1 damage 1 elemental strength) because this skill doesn't cost power can kill Lots of stuff.  Can even target the Exospecter.  Addes increased power regain per targeted enemy which is also bugged the description says 20% per spell level, but its Actually 50%

Drain life (Channeled skill)
Damage = 0.5 over 0.5 seconds (10 game ticks) higher elemental attack strength than drain power
Cooldown = 0.0
Instant combo break = none
Combo Break = no
Known bugs = Highest source of hp regain in-game if the evoker gets above 3k life.  Gains 2% of total hp regain per enemy per second.  (So if for instance you surrounded by more than 7 monsters regenerates All of your hp in 1 second)  Has the same bug, although stronger effect than drain power concering flying enemies

Elemental drain
Damage = none
Cooldown = 5.0 seconds (100 game ticks)
Instant combo break = no
Combo break = no
Known bugs = the +curse % duration adds on both sides of the curse's effect both the drain (-elemental defence) and the boost (+ elemental defence for your).  This coupled with a good elemental beacon and hamper means You should be able to ignite, stun, phase, shock, and poison ANYTHING consistently in hell mode party play.  Can be easily found on gear swap Foci coupled with Afterlife and Venom armor.

Broms Curse
Damage = none
Cooldown = 5.0 seconds (100 game ticks)+ 0.5 casting animation
Instant combo break = no
Combo break = no
Known bugs = got a slight boost from 1.2 in terms of hp regain.  74 hp per attack for 1 second is Paltry compared to other forms of Life regain

After Life (Channeled skill)
Damage = none
Cooldown = 2.0 seconds
Instant combo break = none
Combo break = none
Known bugs = Cant be cast unless you've taken damage and dont have full health.  Each Corpse gives a specific amount of life.  Good for clearing out big boss models to find only the loot you want to pickup.
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Re: A Guide to HG:G Evoker Skills set
« Reply #4 on: Apr 19, 2012; 09:28 PM »
so far i can agree with most things you have written .... when looking at dual focus and the fact that HG:G is all about the Crit evo.... I believe dual focus should be moved up a bit on the list honestly as it stands .... Its a 20%
increase in base damage we tend to over look that because we dump points in it for that as it stands.... It also provides 84 point feed reduction when factored in to how you gear an evo translated directly in to 168% cdb bonus. Again considering your points are properly distributed.
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Re: A Guide to HG:G Evoker Skills set
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Hiyo looks good how about placing it here?
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