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JackPot Results
« on: Sep 16, 2011; 08:00 AM »
Congratulations to the following winners of this months event - for being the first to find a Black Knight dye kit from Moloch and post the screenshot:
  • Bubba_Fett
  • Butsutekkai
  • NeoMara
  • Selektah
  • FxMirc
Your prizes are:

100x Nanoshards + A Destroying Moloch Pet!

A big thank you to T3Fun for sponsoring this months event.

Other Events
If you enjoyed this event, please check out the other events currently being run by T3Fun:
  • Hellrush - gain additional EXP during selected play times.
  • What's your class? - create a pic of your favourite class and add some details for your chance to win 5k in TCoins.
Tokyo Expansion
Additionally, there is no official notice but the Tokyo expansion may be coming to the Global server as soon as the 22nd of September! Be aware though, this is only a ETA and by no means an official launch date.

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